July 5, 2004

Why bikes and stations don't mix

At the station today I witnessed an excellent example of why it is a really bad idea to ride your bike on the station platform. If anything unexpected happens - if you fall off, for instance, or if you get a little closer to the edge of the platform than you intended to, things like this happen:

[Bike on track]

This was taken from a distance with the camera on my phone so the quality's not great, but I've arrowed the object of interest - someone's bike, resting across the live rail and one of the running rails of the down slow South West Main Line. Not only are the police in attendance but there's someone from Network Rail and a couple of station staff there as well, and retrieving this guy's bike from the four foot is a complex exercise. First the current has to be turned off, then the signallers have to confirm that no trains will be running on the line affected or on the adjacent down fast line, then various other manual safety checks need to be done to ensure that the power's off before anyone goes down and touches that bike. It is, in short, a non-trivial exercise involving a lot of people. As a bonus, the rider runs the risk of being charged with causing danger to trains (or something along those lines).

It's lucky this was Sunday evening and not Monday's rush hour, or a lot of people would have been swearing about their trains running late as a result of this. It's even luckier that the rider didn't end up in the four foot along with his bike in front of an approaching train. So, consider this my obnoxiously preachy public service message for the month - when you're on the station with your bike, get off and walk it!

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