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Stuff I Do

I'm a UNIX system administrator by trade. At the moment, I'm Principal Systems Development Officer at the University of Westminster in central London, which means lots of time spent on trains and tubes. Prior to this I worked in the Computer Science department at Trinity College Dublin, and before that at the University of Nottingham. Before that I worked for the BBC in the Transmission section at Warwick. If you want to see my CV it's here.
The Keirsey temperament sorter thingy informs me that I'm an INFP (depressingly, so's Luke Skywalker), which may or may not tally with my occupation.


UNIX, BSD, and Other Geeky Stuff

[A Beastie] I guess you could probably say that I'm a geek. Other geeks interested in knowing what kind of a geek I am should read this section. Normal people can skip right down the page.
My preferred environment is UNIX, or one of those other operating systems which aren't officially UNIX but are, well, just about as near as makes no odds. At work I admin Solaris on SPARC hardware (aka Real Computers). It's a nice industrial-strength production OS, albeit slightly baroque in some ways.
FreeBSD is currently also my favourite OS for PC hardware, although I've dipped my toes into the other two main BSD variants, NetBSD and OpenBSD to a pretty extensive degree as well. They're all fast, solid and reliable. And damn right I run Linux too. My first taste of running UNIX at home was on SLS 1.03, an ancient Linux distribution that many people now have probably never heard of.
You won't find me much on Usenet any more - it's just gotten far too big. I'm pretty active on The WELL, however, where I host expat.ind, the expatriate's conference.

Books and TV and stuff

In common with most geeks, I read a lot. Terry Pratchett gets read a lot, and I help with looking after lspace.org, where you can probably find out everything you want to know about the Discworld, and doubtless, many things you didn't.. In other news, I don't watch much telly, but the only programme that's entirely unmissable (on the rare occasions it's on BBC2 in commercial-free splendour) is The Simpsons. Why is Lisa so unappreciated? And when will Mr. Sparkle get his own show?

There are a few other bits and pieces of here, possibly of interest to nobody, maybe of interest to somebody.
Geeky Humour
My Geek Humour collection is here. Contributions always welcome. There's a few bits I wrote myself in there too.
Boring Links Page
Everyone has one of these, so not to be left out, here's mine.
The Minidisc Community Page
Lots of information on this newest and sexiest of audio recording formats.
The only benchmark that counts.
Pretentious, moi? Random stuff I've written.
The Tube
A probably doomed project to write a short story for every station on the London Underground.

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