Once more, with federation

I wrote a blog for a while. Then I stopped. Then I dropped into the cauldron of large-scale commercial social media. Then I burned out professionally (the two are not related). Then I discovered the Fediverse, and discovered that you can increase the maximum length of posts there to 5000 characters or more. So I figured it might as well be blogging. And then WordPress rolled out universal support for ActivityPub which tied the two together.
So now everything’s gone full circle and this is a blog again, only this time I’m older and wiser and feeling the effects of 30+ years working on computers for a living, having watched the culture and the technology shift and change and…
Well, you get the drift. Let’s see if there’s actually anything interesting left in this head of mine.

Author: mpk

Aging nerd.

4 thoughts on “Once more, with federation”

  1. Weirdly I just clicked on a link in my LJ from 2005 and it brought me here to find that you’d restarted the bog just 12 days ago.

    1. I think this is at least the third time I’ve restarted the bog, which probably shows how much confidence I have that there’ll be any staying power this time..

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